Quality Drug Tests

Drug Tests Direct offers a range of urine drug testing kits to suit your testing needs. All tests have a very high level of accuracy and a fast test performance and result time.

The CupScan and CupScan II integrated cup test is the all in one test cup for minimal contact during the testing process. Both the CupScan and CupScan II test for the six drugs of abuse and include adulteration tests, pH and Creatinine and an integrated temperature strip. The CupScan II tests for all of the above as well as alcohol.

The DipScan test is a fast and reliable urine based dip test for six of the most common drugs of abuse. We also have the QuickScan that tests for the same analytes as the DipScan and at the same sensitivities. The only difference between the two tests is that DipScan uses a dip test methodology whereas QuickScan uses a pipette (which is included with the test).

We supply Collection Cups for use with the DipScan and QuickScan and Urine Collection Kits specifically tailored for urine collection screening for positive samples. The Split Specimen Kit from Capitol Vial contains everything you will need, as per the Australian Standards, to send a positive sample on to a laboratory for GC/MS testing. We also supply Adulteration Test Strips that determine if any masking agents have been used.

The FC10 Breathalyser is a small and easy to use fuel cell sensor breath analyser with one button operation and the fastest recovery time available (less than 5 seconds). The BreathScan is a small, single use, disposable test for alcohol set at either 0.02 % Blood Alcohol Concentation (BAC) or 0.05 % BAC. The AlcoScreen™ is a single use test intended for use as a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and to provide a semi-quantitative approximation of blood alcohol concentration.