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UrineCheck 7 Adulteration Test

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UrineChek 7 from Teco is a fast and easy way to assess urine samples for dilution or adulteration prior to drug testing. It provides a perfect pre-screening method to assure that the specimen has not been altered or tampered with in any way.

The results of drug tests can be manipulated using commercially available kits and other common household products. UrineChek 7 adulteration strips provide assurance that the integrity of urine samples has not been compromised prior to undertaking drug screening. An abnormal result indicates that a urine sample has potentially been tampered with. The UrineChek 7 assay provides a way to undertake qualitative tests for common adulterants such as bleach, creatinine, glutaraldehyde, nitrite, pH, pyridinium cholorochromate and specific gravity.

Each vial contains 25 individual test strips. In order to use this product it is necessary to immerse the test strip into a urine sample. Drug Tests Direct recommend using a sterile urine collection cup for this purpose.

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