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QuickScan Urine Drug Test

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QuickScan urine drug screen is both a fast and reliable way to test for the 6 most common drugs of abuse at the cut-off levels which are set out in the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4380:2008.

QuickScan uses a pipette which is included in the test kit (pictured) to apply a small volume of urine specimen to the test card and provides extremely accurate, qualitative results within just a few minutes. It’s competitive price and ease of use makes QuickScan ideal for use by professionls and personal users alike.

In order to use this product it is necesary to collect a urine sample in an appropriate recepticle. Drug Tests Direct recommend using a sterile urine collection cup for this purpose.


QuickScan measures the following drugs and/or their metabolites at cut-off levels defined by the Australian standard AS/NZS 4380:2008, which describes procedures for the collection, detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine.

Code Test Drug Cut-Off Level
AMP Amphetamines 300 µg/L
BZO Benzodiazepines 200 µg/L
COC Cocaine Metabolites 300 µg/L
MET Methamphetamines 300 µg/L
OPI Opiates 300 µg/L
THC Cannabis Metabolites 50 µg/L

If you would like further information about these narcotics please view our drugs of abuse information page.


QuickScan is a combination of individual tests, which undertake analysis for a specific component based on the principle of solid-phase immunoassay technology. Using this method a specific immunochemical reaction between antibodies and antigen is employed to analyse a corresponding compound within a biological matix.

The assay is based on competition between the drug conjugate and any free drug to bind with an antibody. If a drug is present in the specimen undergoing analysis, it competes with drug conjugate for antibody-dye conjugate, which is in limited supply. If the quantity of drug is equal to, or greater than, the cut-off levels of any of the drugs, it inhibits binding of the drug conjugate to the antibody.

This is why, as illustrated below, no test line is visible when a result is positive whereas the presence of a coloured band indicates a negative result.

Lateral flow test principle


Each QuickScan drug test kit contains of the following inclusions:

  • Sealed test cassette
  • Application pipette
  • Integrated Quality Control (QC)
  • Product insert

The following instructions provide details on how to use QuickScan to accurately analyse a urine sample for drugs of abuse.

  • Collect at least 30 mL of urine.
  • Remove the test from the foil pouch. Do not break the seal of the pouch until ready to begin testing.
  • Place the test card on a flat surface. Place the transfer pipette in the urine specimen and depress the bulb to withdraw a sample.
  • Hold the pipette in a vertical position over the sample well of the test card and deliver 3 drops of the urine into each of the two sample wells.
  • Read the results between 5–8 minutes. DO NOT read the results after 10 minutes.



The presence of a line next to both the Control “C” and Test “T” indicates a negative result. Please note that this does not necessarily mean there is a complete absence of drug in the specimen, only that the level is below the cut-off given in Australian standard AS/NZS 4308:2008.


The absence of a line next to the Test “T” and the appearance of a line next to the Control “C” indicates a positive test result. As with a negative result, this is an indication the concentration of tested drug(s) in the specimen is above the particular cut-off level of that component.


If there is an absence of a line in the Control “C” area following the alloted time the test should be considered invalid. In this case the sample should be re-analysed with a new test, in strict accordance with the documented procedure.

Interpretation of drug test results

Note: It is important to understand that the colour intensity of Test “T” lines can vary and that the presence of any line, no matter how faint, is still indicitive of what the test suggests.


The following documents related to QuickScan are available for viewing and download:

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